My Job

“My job is to Promote the Financial Security being a Call Center Agent and the

Wealth Building Potential of the Blogging Community.”

As a Call Center Agent

Now why work being a call center agent? Let us face the truth if you are here in the Philippines today needing a job, the one you want will be the hardest one to get in. Being a Call Center Agent is the fastest and easiest way to be hired with full benefits, if you want to start earning and saving for your future goals being a call center agent is your best choice, because what’s important is that you have money to support yourself and your family.

There are 8 reasons why I am encouraging Call Center agent Jobs

  1. Open to undergraduates, senior citizens and foreigners
  2. Above average compensation
  3. Account Incentives and Bonuses
  4. Company Referral Incentives
  5. Government & Health Benefits
  6. No age limit
  7. No gender restrictions
  8. High work force demands


– Be part of an elite circle and enjoy discounts to different stores, activities and restaurants
– Enjoy account specific perks such as Graduation leave, Birthday leave, Monthly incentives and Quarterly gain share

Back then I don’t like being a call center agent just to be honest, I was a call center hopper / professional trainee if they call it. The longest company I was in was four months. When I started with this company, I just don’t have much of a choice but to have a job and get all the perks included with my job offer.

Right now I am in love being a Call Center Agent because it can provide the financial security I needed each 15th and 30th of the month, not to mention the coolest people and workplace environment I work with each day.

If you want to work with the company, I stayed for 1 year… and find out why I enjoyed being a Call Center Agent this time?




  • At least High School graduates
  • Good English communication skills
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Willing to be trained
  • Willing to work on shifting schedules

Just Follow This 3 Easy Steps…

  1. email your updated CV/resume and send me a message via Facebook Messenger or for follow-up; You can text me through these mobile numbers. (Smart:0919.568.8247 / Globe:0927.283.8583)
  2. Wait for a response within 24 hours for your appointment date and job interview tips.
  3. Show up on the appointment date and hopefully get your Job Offer on the same date.


And if you want to learn how to have a blog just like this website, let me just teach you how personally as a Bonus. Believe me, it is very easy, We can set up everything in less than an hour, now you can even use your Android phone or iPhone to blog as long as you have an internet connection and you can even earn extra income by monetizing your blog just like what I am doing. Best part it is 100% Free! so let me tell you why I am Blogging today.

As a Blogger

So being a Call Center Agent requires me at least 10 hours daily which is going to work, my (2) 15 minutes breaks, an hour lunch and going back home. Question is… Do I still have time to Blog? the answer is YES!

Since I wanted to make money online so bad, I decided that at least spend an hour or two on working at an internet shop near my place, plus each free time I can get, I update my social media, study blogging, check emails and draft a blog post.

Why I am Blogging today…

I have seen so many Bloggers made money working from home or while traveling. This had always been my dream to be able to work wherever I want. This is the main reason why I choose this as my business. I also believe that this can be a great opportunity for Call Center Agents to explore the money making opportunity online by starting a blog today.

There are many ways to make money by blogging. I have seen so many internet marketers and bloggers posting expensive cars, mansions, or working from beach, but don’t be fooled by the pictures because one of those can be scams so research is the key, so you will not waste your time and money paying for any courses or training that you buy from those guys. I found this link that can explain mostly how you can make money Blogging by WPBeginner LLC


Monetize Your Blog Content

1 Make Money With WordPress Affiliate Marketing

2 Display Google Ad Sense on WordPress

3 Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly

4 Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

5 Get Paid to Write Reviews

6 Earn Money by Flipping Websites

Create a Paid Membership Website

7 Create Restricted Members Only Content

8 Create a Private Forum

Create a Directory Website With WordPress

9 Create a WordPress Job Board With Paid Submission

10 Create a Paid Business Directory

11 Create a WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submissions

Sell Digital Products With WordPress

12 Sell Ebooks on WordPress

13 Sell Online Courses

14 Host a Paid Webinar

Sell Services Online Using WordPress

15 Offer Freelance Services

16 Start Your Own Consulting Business

17 Become a Coach

Sell Physical Products Online Using WordPress

18 Start an ECommerce Business With Woo Commerce

19 Create an Online T-shirt Store With WordPress

20 Create a Woo Commerce Drop Shipping Store

21 Create an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop

Become a WordPress Designer or Developer

22 Develop WordPress Plugins

23 Sell WordPress Themes

24 Sell Graphics on Your WordPress Site


25 Accept Donations


Many of these methods require some investment of time and money to get started. Bottom line is that blogging can leverage your money making opportunity by adding Multiple Streams of Income.

Since I am starting my blog on… I am limited to only 5 or 6 ways, but I have my reasons for this and I want to encourage anyone can start for FREE and with limited resources and work your way to a self-hosted blog. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll reap the reward in the end.

You can live the life you want to and you can start right now by Redesigning your lifestyle today being a Call Center Agent and join me with the Company I work with. Also please Subscribe to my blog today so you can see how I am starting my blogging business as I redesign mine and we can enjoy the ride together…

Thank you for reading…