About Fred

“A blogger and a call center agent that is motivated to do whatever it takes to give the best life for his three sons.”

17021692_264844423955423_6930060207199779915_nHey guys, my name is Fred Huang, a Filipino-Chinese that resides in this beautiful archipelago called the Philippines with three sons I absolutely adore and love so much (Frewen, Freien & Franco). I am now on leave as a call center agent since I have to help supervised the house my mom is building. That is why I am committing myself on studying and monetizing this blog that I have today and work on making money online. I believe this is a decision I won’t be regretting in the end. Right now I work an hour or two at an internet shop near my house (for faster internet connection and for some of the things I can’t do on my smartphone) but most of the time I am just on my Cherry Mobile Flare S Play, writing a blog post, updating my social media apps, watching videos, listening to music, playing games and enjoying time with my three sons.


My life is full of surprising challenges, that is the reason why I was inspired to create this blog so it can be challenging this time on how I can make money online, have a call center career and live my life that I can enjoy it the best possible way as I can being a blogger.