Globe GCash Review

Buy Load, Send Money, Pay Bills, & Shop Online. Love the way you Pay with GCash.

GCash MasterCard

Well since I will be needing some sort of payment method online and a way to receive money so I can withdraw my available PayPal funds for my blogging career. The fastest way you can have this done is take advantage of the Globe Gcash. The reason I chose Globe GCash rather than Banks Debit card, is the convenience of not being limited to branches of a particular bank you can deposit. GCash allows you to make a deposit to Globe Store outlets, Pure Gold, Villarica, Cebuana Lhuillier, SM and 7/11 store Nationwide. Not to mention the Beep Card Feature that can let you ride LRT & MRT, even Point to Point Buses by just loading your beep wallet on Beep reloading outlets. The best part you can withdraw your PayPal earning to all BancNet affiliated ATM Nationwide and Mastercard affiliated ATM Worldwide.

Well, there are two ways to get started with GCash. Get a Physical Gcash Mastercard & Download the GCash Mobile App.

The Physical GCash Mastercard, you have to purchase this now on GCash store. It only takes less than 15 minutes to register with your existing Globe mobile number, if you don’t have a Globe mobile number you can purchase separately. The GCash agent will assist you all the way, just make sure to present one Valid Government ID as a requirement and your next step are choosing this two type of cards.

GCash MasterCard for only Php150


GCash beep MasterCard for only Php210


I got the GCash beep MasterCard since I am using the MRT and P2P Buses to work so it will be much convenient just having one card to bring. Once you have chosen your card, the Globe agent will just let you key in some details over your mobile phone, lastly, he/she will take your picture as part of the requirement, so no need to bring 2×2 ID picture. Then you are all set and a few minutes more you get your GCash beep MasterCard.

For the GCash Mobile App Review Click Here


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