Getting My Momentum

I believe that taking action is the key to start my blogging business. Since I am almost broke, I only have a few money left that I save from my call center paycheck, so I made some checklist on what I need to start with a little start up cost as possible.

My Blogging Tools and Resources (Gadgets/Social Media/Online Marketing/Offline Marketing/Mobile Apps)

  • A Dual Sim Android Smartphone / Php3,500 (I bought a Cherry Mobile Flare S Play, works well for everything I need…will post more about this why I need a dual sim phone with two networks)
  • A Smart LTE mobile sim card / Php40
  • A Globe LTE mobile sim card / Php40
  • A Globe Gcash Master Card with Beep Card feature / Php210 (This is the most important part of working online to get paid)
  • A Second-hand Laptop (I’m using Jen’s laptop if she doesn’t use it)
  • Google + Account / Free
  • Email / Free
  • Facebook / Free
  • Twitter / Free
  • Instagram / Free
  • Blog / Free
  • Paypal Account / Free

I will be creating another page to keep you guys updated with all My Blogging Tools and Resources that I will be using on this journey.

I’m going to start with a Free Blog, while I’m studying how to monetize and add more content. I know most bloggers will not suggest this, but I do believe this will create the momentum to jump start this online opportunity. I also used because they have a mobile app that I can use to blog daily @ home and I make sure I work at least an hour or two from an internet shop for things I need to upload and correct since being mobile is very limited, another thing is that I don’t have the laptop most of the time, I have to get Smart this time and really work hard on being a Blogger using all available resources I have. Blogging is my business and I have to make sure I have a schedule and deadlines to follow.

*Credits to the “Momentum” image that is owned by Accordant Partners

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