Getting Focused

Since I just blog about the stuff that will make me excited, I need to take my action plan seriously on how I am going to be consistent that every day I will get up early and keep me up late with excitement.

The hardest part of getting focused is challenges and uncertain situations that might happen along the way of this journey. That is why I have to determine what is SonsOfHuang blog all about?

SonsOfHuang is my Success Diary. This is a blog about a single dad having a midlife crisis, deciding to work as a call center agent and started a blog to hopefully change his present situation and live the life of his dreams. This Blog will open my Multiple Streams of Income that will make me earn and save my first million by promoting the Financial Security being a Call Center Agent and the Wealth Building Potential of the Blogging Community.

It will take a lot of determination, drive, and discipline in order for me to follow through, but I am going to make this happen. I have seen other bloggers succeed and I just have to believe, study harder, blog daily and be totally Committed to this Journey.

*Credits to the “Get Focus” image that is owned by BetterListen!

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