Getting Committed

This time I need to eliminate the words “I should” and use the words “I must” so that I can really follow through with what I really want.

Being committed is knowing the reason first so that the answer will come next. The reason I failed before on my online venture is that I was too focused on getting rich quick. I got hook on buying marketing lessons and stuff that hoping it can turbocharge my income, but in the end, I did not make much at all. Although I do have some success earning a few hundred dollars from blogging that was it. This time I am going to focus on creating a niche market that will work for me and share this to the world. I have laid out my categories, plans and I have a daily checklist on what must be done daily. The hardest part is that the reality of not having a job will be a challenge.

This is the reason why I still need a call center job, so that I can expect money every 15th and 30th that will take care of my basic and family needs, not to mention the medical, dental, health and government benefits which will be a great help just in case of an unexpected emergency that might happen (it’s better to be smart, than be sorry in the end), while I create this blog from ground up. If there is one thing I regret is that, I wish I had built my financial foundation when I first started in a Call Center. This is the reason why this blog is created so that I can share why being a call center agent can be a great foundation for the next five years or less until you are financially stable to retire early.

The only difference is that this time, I will have a Financial Management System that I will follow so that I will never be broke again. Another thing is my own Rules for Success that I created for myself that I will follow for the next 90 days so that I can change my bad habits to new success habits to maximize my multiple streams of income. Which I will share in my future blog post, but for now It’s time to start getting my Momentum.

*Credits to the “100% Committed” Illustration that is owned by iStock/Thinkstock

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