Getting​ Excited

What will make me excited for the next twenty years? By that time I will be 58 and most likely I will be a grand daddy by that time babysitting my grandkids. One thing I am going to make sure by that time my sons are financially free and living the life they wanted. This is the reason why I made SonsOfHuang, they are my driving force to create this Blog.

The biggest mistake I always do is that I am always excited about any new job or business I start. What I never expected are the challenges you will face once you start and this makes me give up most of the time. So this time I am going to challenge myself to something different.

Most of us don’t have any goals about our future, but  I believe that if you will create a long term plan from the moment you start a new job it will be easier to stick and choose the best job offer that will be aligned to your goals. Well, it’s time to write down my action plans from this point forward.

May 2017

  • I must start my new Blog
  • I must buy a smart android phone
  • I must buy a new mobile sim card
  • I must create my pillar content for my Blog
  • I must create my Financial Management System
  • I must create my Rules for Success
  • I must open a Savings Account

June 2017

  • I must Blog daily from this point forward
  • I must start using my Financial Management System
  • I must follow my Rules for Success
  • I must turn trash to cash
  • I must start sharing my blog with family and friends
  • I must apply for a new Call Center Job that is not far from home
  • I must finish all the job requirements
  • I must have a staycation with my kids to celebrate my birthday
  • I must go to Church every Sunday this point forward
  • I must aim to save Php100,000 – Php150,000 on my savings account by December 2017

July 2017 – September 2017

  • I must upgrade to premium account on by July 2017 or by a domain and host it on Bluehost
  • I must start focusing on traffic for my Blog
  • I must start monetizing my blog online and offline resources
  • I must go back to the gym getting fit and healthy

October 2017 – December 2017

  • I must get myself a new wardrobe
  • I must have Php100,000 – Php150,000 in my Savings Account by December 2017
  • I must open a checking account
  • I must place a down payment on a Hyundai EON as a gift to my family
  • I must have an out of town vacation with my family as well

January 2018 – June 2018

  • I must aim to save Php250,000 – Php500,000 by June 2018
  • I must have another out of town vacation with my family by April 2018
  • Enroll my kids in a private school by May of 2018
  • Buy a Mac Book Air and iPhone for my birthday in June 2018 as my personal gift

July 2018 – December 2018

  • I must aim to save Php350,000 – 750,000 by December 2018

January 2019 – December 2019

  • I must aim to save Php 450,000 – Php1,000,000

My goal is to grow my savings up to a million. If I reach my First million savings I will officially retire as a Call Center Agent. This will be my challenge and motivation to keep things excited in this blog and my job. Now how I will achieve this is by getting Focus on how I will manage my multiple streams of income.

*Credits to the “Get Excited” image that is owned by Tangerine Forward Banking

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