Getting​ Certain

Being clear that I still want to work as a call center agent and being a blogger is something I am certain of doing for the next chapter of my life. Now I just have to ask myself why I want to do this journey and focus on doing this for the next Five Years.

All my life I was a dreamer that someday I will be a multi-millionaire, driving my dream car, living in a penthouse and living a luxurious lifestyle. That is why I joined Network Marketing and studied Online Marketing. I have bought most money making, motivational book, listened to success and sales audios, watch tons of success and inspiring videos, not to mention attended seminars and workshop I thought can help me get rich as possible, but I was wrong… I only learned the knowledge and I never had the wisdom to follow through, because I had no financial system. My biggest mistake was no one told me that it takes money to make money. You need to be financially liquid or have a financial money management system in order to be successful. No one told me that before you start on any business venture you have to be financially secure, that even if that business fails, you can still survive and continue moving forward.

This is the reason why I wanted to start right, here are some of the reasons why?

Being a Call Center Agent:

  • My salary is above average.
  • I have account incentives bonuses.
  • I have company referral incentives.
  • I have health & government benefits.
  • I have medical and dental coverage for me and my dependents.
  • I have discount and perks the company offers with its lifestyle partners.
  • I can pay my bills and family needs.
  • I can save and invest my money if I follow a Financial Management System.

Being a Blogger:

  • I can earn extra income online and offline, which can add to my multiple streams of income.
  • I can express myself and create loyal followers.
  • I can earn not only in Philippine Peso but US Dollars as well.
  • I have seen bloggers earning six figures in US dollars, just working on their laptop in their homes or coffee shop. WordPress allows me now to do everything on my smart android phone today, just imagine the convenience.
  • I can travel and give the best life I can provide for my son’s.

I believe by combining both opportunities I am sure, I have finally hit the right vehicle to make me a millionaire within the next five years or less if I do things right. I know this is not a get rich quick opportunity, but having a 5 year plan and knowing it can happen is the reason I am sharing this and doing this myself because this can help or inspire other call center agents that if I will be successful in this project I am doing, anyone can be successful as well. Time to get Excited…

*Credits to the “Certainty” image that is owned by Damien AtHope

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