My First blog post…Again!

This is my very first post, but this is not my first blog. I have been a blogger before. I was good at starting one but never followed through. Here I am writing another blog and hopefully this time I can keep this running by using this as my personal success journal.

I believe that I will succeed in being a Call Center Agent and a Blogger. Having a job security plus blogging for an hour or two each day, I believe is the right combination to be financially free. I know that using what I learned in life and applying it daily will make this Blog unique and hopefully inspire others that this decision I made today will help me achieve the life of my dreams together with my sons.

Just to let you guys know that at the time I created this blog and writing this first post, I am not a Success guru, I don’t have millions in my bank account as matter of fact I’m always on critical wallet days a week before pay day. I don’t have a car since I sold it to pay for debts from a family business I mismanage and right now my sons are not with me because I can’t afford to even raise them properly. Although what I do have is a strong desire to change my life, my blog and my Call Center Job that I’m about to be fired if I don’t fix my attitude.

Now I believe that the only way I can get out of my situation is by being accountable and use this Blog as my journey to live the life of my dreams so I can regain the trust and respect that I once have.

I know I have the capacity to be more than what I am today because of the lessons I learned and why I failed. My mistakes are going to be my edge and I want this blog to be my journey on how a Call Center Agent can be a millionaire because this is my goal so I can live the life of my dreams.

Now being a call center agent is a great way to start a career since you can have above average pay, additional account incentives plus complete benefits. Unfortunately having a call center job will not make you a millionaire, and worse you can even be on critical wallet days a week before pay day.

That is the reason I decided to use Blog as my online start-up business. I have seen bloggers earn six to seven figures monthly income working two hours a day and this became my inspiration. I told myself if they can do it, I can do this as well. I made a little money online before, but this time I am going to focus on how I will start from Zero to Hero. I will share what I will be doing daily for the next six months and how I can make money from this Blog.

If you’re a call center agent looking for inspiration or new ways to earn extra income online, subscribe today and let me show you how I am starting. Now if you’re a working student or newly graduate who needs a job, an unemployed individual seeking opportunities, retired but still want to be busy individual and willing to venture the Call Center industry, & wanted to learn more about blogging as well, who happens to stumble on this blog. Hopefully, you can subscribe, learn and share this to others. if you enjoyed my future blog post and let me Thank you for taking some time to visit my blog today and hopefully join me on this journey.

*Credits to the “Blog” image that is owned by Nancy M. Nelson



2 thoughts on “My First blog post…Again!

  1. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that
    I have truly loved browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed
    and I am hoping you write again very soon!

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